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Lovolution Podcast
Lovolution Podcast
Religion & Spirituality

Lovolution Podcast

Doctress Neutopia



About Us
The goal of the podcast is to create a forum for the ideas of futurist Doctress Neutopia. She believes our species is on the verge of a Lovolution, a non-violent world-wide revolution to build 21 Century ecological cities, arcologies or ecopolis, on Earth and in Outer Space. The podcast will work as an acupuncture point—a healing node-- within the Noosphere, the thinking layer of the Earth. The intention behind Lovolution Podcast is to manifest the psychic energy necessary to birth into existence a new global system based on universal human rights. Such a system will rescue us from the threat of global warming, disease, poverty, war and all the other social ills that are causing our demise.The content of the show is found through Doctress Neutopia following her bliss. She brings to you interviews with people who inspire her, cutting edge ideas, reports of events and happenings that she feels is important to the realization of ecopolis. As a priestess of Gaia, she will use sacred sound and poetry to guide our sacred meditations to a world of beauty, love and truth.

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