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My Youth on Record

My Youth on Record



About Us
Every artist starts somewhere. Some made music in their basements, and wrote love songs in their biology notebooks. Others were obsessed with that one mind-blowing band who seemed to write music just for them. At some point, they all felt inspired to make their own music. My Youth on Record (MYOR) is a podcast where artists share the music they created as teens, and the stories behind the songs. Host Shawn King from DeVotchKa, together with a featured teen co-hosts, take musicians back to the feeling of making music during their most awkward, vulnerable – and often most creative and raw – phase as novice music makers. Artists laugh, cry, cringe and hopefully learn something new about their own creative process as they take this musical trip down memory lane.Broadcast from Youth on Record, a Colorado-based nonprofit that empowers youth to find their voice and value through music, MYOR interviews include early recordings from our musical guests, and conversations about the past, the present, and the future of music for all generations.Executive Producers: Jami Duffy & Stephen BrackettHost: Shawn King, DeVotchKaEngineer: Jesus RodriguezCo-Hosts: Mona Magno, Shaun Dowdell, Stevie SelbieSponsor: Bonfils Stanton Foundation

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