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Play Me Twice
Play Me Twice

Play Me Twice

Lily Virginia



About Us
'Play Me Twice' is the title of my upcoming audiovisual album and this podcast. Each episode focuses on the creation of each song off the album, lyrics, influences, life etc. as well as talking with other artists about their upcoming albums what it's like to be a musician in this day and age. How do we get make the most impact, allow for the most vulnerability and create the most connection? We're trying to find out. This music and podcast is a creative conversation between me (Lily Virginia) my producer (Alessio Romano) our artist friends and you! Every time I release a new song I invite you to submit your questions as comments on soundcloud, twitter, email, or by texting me at +1-917-746-0723. Looking forward to hearing from you! Sincerely yours,~Lily Virginia

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