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Shy Man's Dating School with Steven Davis
Shy Man's Dating School with Steven Davis

Shy Man's Dating School with Steven Davis

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About Us
24/7 we’re sending signals of attraction to the opposite sex. Yet, if seduction’s really encoded into our DNA, then why are we so bad at it? Shy Man’s Dating School Podcast takes the guesswork out of attraction with interviews from relationship experts, dating coaches, bestselling authors, and sex educators. We cover everything from the neuroscience of anxiety and lust, to honing your communication and socializing skills. There are thousands of tips on the internet for men who are socially active and comfortable with closing the deal. This is for the rest of us, the majority, that can’t just walk up to that knockout, be witty and clever, and walk away with her number. I’m Steven Davis and I’ve learned how to do it. Everyone likes a great leader. Learn the skills, take the lead, and “be the man”! Find more at: shymansdatingschool.com

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