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Tates and Graves: Paranormal Detectives
Tates and Graves: Paranormal Detectives

Tates and Graves: Paranormal Detectives

Jaime Jowono & Zac Hutchinson



About Us
Average small-town dimwit, Penny Patterson, is swept into the dangerous and exotic world of legendary paranormal detectives Tates and Graves. As their ward she accompanies them as they do battle with shapeshifting spiders, discover a new species in the Himalayas and meet the Fishman. Using their fabulous mansion as a home base and travelling to distant, treacherous lands, Penny, Tates and Graves are keeping the world safe one mystery at a time. Brought to you from the minds of philanthropist genius' Jaime Jowono and Zac Hutchinson and performed by a rotating cast handpicked from the fringes of society. Tates and Graves' exciting adventures are chronicled in this titillating podcast!

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