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About Us
The Conflict Report is the best place to learn how to manage conflict in your professional and personal life. The show is hosted by Bill Singleton who is a partner with Vistelar, a global consulting and training institute focused on preventing conflict and managing its negative consequences at the point of impact.Bill has a masters degree in dispute resolution and, during his tenure as an officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, was honored as a “White House Champion of Change for Building Bridges Between Youth and Law Enforcement.”In each episode, Bill converses with a guest about a compelling story involving conflict — some with a positive resolution and others with a disastrous conclusion. In either case, these stories provide a platform for expert commentary and discussion about how to best manage conflict.The show draws upon the expertise of Vistelar’s consultants and published authors from multiple disciplines, including law enforcement, healthcare, education and business. Subscribe now to learn — through an entertaining analysis of real-world situations — how to reduce the emotional and physical violence that can result from poorly-managed conflict.

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