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The NEW Sweet Science UFC / MMA Podcast
The NEW Sweet Science UFC / MMA Podcast
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The NEW Sweet Science UFC / MMA Podcast

Paul, AKA, Dad | Uncle James UFC MMA



About Us
Here is what this show isn't: like any other MMA podcast. They all sound the same and talk about the same shit. Interviews that are 95% boring. Soft takes because they don't want to upset MMA journalists, fighters, or they're on the UFC's payroll.We're not trying to make friends with the MMA established journalists, fighters, or the UFC.We're two guys who love the f**k out of the UFC. Paul has been a trainer and fought amateur. James got his ass whooped in two amateur fights so he opened a gym instead.Once you listen to the show a few times, it's like you've entered a world unlike any other ---- a world where only the smart survive.Sit back, and enjoy.

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