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The 'Stay Awake Media' Podcast
The 'Stay Awake Media' Podcast

The 'Stay Awake Media' Podcast

Stay Awake Media



About Us
A podcast dedicated to keeping the resistance awake... new and old lectures/podcasts/speeches/documentaries/interviews/articles/documents (and anything else we can convert to mp3) uploaded every day.Opinions expressed by content creators featured on the podcast, do not necessarily reflect the views of Stay Awake Media. However, all content will contain invaluable information, vital to understanding the 'bigger picture'. If you're a content creator and wish to get your work on our list; your work is here and you want it removed, or if anyone wants to contact us with recommendations or any other reason please use the following e-mail or visit the Facebook page.www.stayawakemedia.comhttps://www.facebook.com/StayAwakeMediastayawakemedia@hotmail.comIf you listen to this podcast and choose to subscribe to one of the content creators featured... Why not send them an e-mail saying you found them here? It would be a great help to our cause.If you wish to donate, 90% of donations will be distributed (as equally as possible/deserved) between content creators featured on the podcast.Donate at:Bitcoin: 1Kah9wYyYEVoV7AmqeCDVMBaYNMd5NdGovEthereum: 0x0b8dd037a120ddd9716c761e2cf6c2b58464ce33Cash App: £stayawakemediahttps://cash.app(More coming soon)

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