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Vic Cohen's, It's A Fair Question (Audio)
Vic Cohen's, It's A Fair Question (Audio)

Vic Cohen's, It's A Fair Question (Audio)

Vic Cohen



About Us
As Vic says, “Vic Cohen’s It’s a Fair Question” really is the show where every question is a “FAIR QUESTION!” Did Vic really just ask Claudia Jordan (“Real Housewives of Atlanta” / “Celebrity Apprentice” / “Deal or No Deal”) exactly how much cash she got paid when she sued “The Price is Right” for sexual harassment as a model? Yep. He did. And after some hesitation, she kinda spilled the beans! Over each one hour episode, Vic goes one-on-one with a different guest, asking the questions you want answered! Things get very real, very fast. So, prepare for a roller coaster of emotion as Vic explores all aspects of a guest’s life, frequently through laughter and tears. Whether Vic is talking with Kato Kaelin (of O.J. Simpson trial fame), or with a homeless person Vic literally pulled off LA’s skidrow minutes before the show – you’ll always gain a unique and fascinating understanding of the human spirit.

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