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About Us
A genre-agnostic instrumental mix for creatives, Warm Focus walks the line between mellow & energetic, digital & analog, high & low BPM. Each week I attempt to induce a two-hour state of Flow in the listener: the sense that your work is carrying you along effortlessly like a log in a stream.These are two-hour-long sets of instrumental music carefully curated as a background for doing creative work. I aim to energize and focus the mind without ever feeling distracting or alienating, and occasionally I pop on the mic from BFF.fm's studios in SF to offer a few words of chillaxed inspiration. Warm, human music weaving between between the background and the foreground.In practice, music that fits this bill can come from a wide array of genres, but I work hard to make each song in the set feels "of a piece". Some broad-callouts of the kinds of things I would include: electronic (Plaid, Four Tet, Pantha du Prince, Kate Simko), hiphop instrumentals (Dilla, MF Doom, Oddisee, Ta-Ku, RZA), modern composers (David Axelrod, Hauschka, Nicolas Jaar, Philip Glass, Jon Brion)You can listen live every Wednesday at Noon Pacific Time at http://BFF.fm/shows/warm-focus

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