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Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"
Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"
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Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"




About Us
suffering from poor digestion walked me in mazes, lack of minerals, vitamins and many body basic elements. My body started to weaken and my health problems dramatically increased. Listing to you a bunch of resulting issues immunodeficiency, low energy, sinus infections, allergies symptoms, persistent eyes allergy, and other symptoms that affected my daily life. I went back and forth to the clinics , doctors and nutritionists they unsuccessfully prescribed me a lot of medications with no major improvements. At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with food allergy. I realized that it might be the cause of all my health problems, because and at the level of my understanding poor digestion and poor absorption of food’s potential benefits, can lead to a significant health issues .Unfortunately its commonly known that there is no radical cure for food allergies. I did not despair I kept looking for a solution, until I heard about Macrobiotic diet from social networking sites, so I decided to find the solution to my problem I was sure that every disease has a cure.I am still in the healing process... WELLNESSPASS , will share the wonders of eating grains and vegetables, for those whom seeking the wealth and health STICK around.

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