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When The Cleats Come Off
When The Cleats Come Off

When The Cleats Come Off

Ashley Burkhardt



About Us
Hey! I’m Ashley Burkhardt, a Midwest girl who lived out her dream of becoming a D1 softball player and, later, a professional athlete. SO MANY parents ask me how my parents were able to raise THREE daughters to become D1 athletes, and I truly believe it wasn't a coincidence. I’m ready to share with you a little bit of how WE did it (from the car-ride home conversations to traveling 4 hours a week to lessons) and give you some tips and tricks to help your daughter reach her dreams. I’m eager to also share with you interviews with some of the BEST softball influencers, parents and coaches to see how THEY did it...because, just like you, I’m eager to learn how to become the best version of myself, and learning from other people’s journeys is how we can make that happen. Buckle up! This is going to be a FUN ride!

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