Everyone Is An Entrepreneur

Awaken your inner-entrepreneur with Dr. Vic Woo

Victoria Woo, Ph.D

Victoria Woo, Ph.D

Stanford Lecturer & VC Mentor

Everyone Is An Entrepreneur
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Awaken your inner-entrepreneur with Dr. Vic Woo. In this podcourse, Dr. Woo will take you through the same three pillars of entrepreneurship that she teaches in her entrepreneurial marketing classes at Stanford University, and she’ll help you acquire a set of tools to address everyday problems through the lens of entrepreneurship.

The first chapter focuses on progressing from ideation to value-creation. The second chapter covers the essentials of sales and marketing. The third chapter helps us understand growth, scale, and beyond as the entrepreneurial venture matures.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to progress from ideation to value-creation

  • How to succeed in sales and marketing

  • How to achieve growth and scale up

  • How to mature your venture


Chapter 1: From ideation to value creation
11 Episodes

Trailer: Introduction To Everyone Is An Entrepreneur


1. Entrepreneurial mindset


In this episode, we learn three attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset, explore ways of translating these insights into valuable problem-solving competence for everyday life.

2. A simple formula IQ* EQ* TQ


In this episode, I introduce the idea of transformation quotient, TQ. In order to thrive in a dynamic and complex environment requires one to look at the world through new eyes, explained through an emerging framework of IQ* EQ* TQ.

3. Assessing an idea with design thinking


This episode is focused on ways to identify opportunities, deploying design thinking and design innovation principles in order to assess entrepreneurial ideas. 1. Reframe creatively 2. Get out of the building 3. Prototype

4. Mobilizing and catalyzing human capital


In this episode, I introduce tools to help you clarify your vision, through a system of leadership which help catalyze human capital.1. Mission2. Core Values3. Culture

5. Defining your target market, know who will be your customer or user


In this episode, we will look at frameworks to assess the quality of your opportunity and defining target audience.Demographic/ Psychographic/ Behavioral pattern

6. Designing value proposition: Customer


A new idea or opportunity must create value for the customer. In this episode, we will appreciate a well-known method call the value proposition canvas.Notes: Customer profile detailed customer jobs, pains and gains

7. Designing value proposition: Offer


After defining a customer profile, the next step is to design a set of features and benefits that your customers love. In this episode, we will learn how to design an offer through a value map.

8. Leveraging the Lean Startup Methodology, and the power of the MVP


Once we have a good idea how we are creating value, we go on to design a prototype, an MVP. In this episode, we explore the basic ethos of Lean Startup methodology.

9. Using the three segments of the business model canvas


Business model innovation has been an invaluable tool to entrepreneurs. In this episode, we look at various segements of a successful business model using the business model canvas.

10. Architecting an ecosystem to elevate and accelerate value delivery


Nothing exists on its own island, the same is true of an emerging offer. In this episode, we learn about interdependencies an ecosystem to increase desirability of your product or service.

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