Careers in Growth

Lessons learned from Google + Slack

Holly Chen

Holly Chen

Former Head of Growth at Slack & Google

Careers in Growth
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Based on her experience leading marketing and growth at Slack and Google Store, Holly Chen gives us a comprehensive look into what it’s really like to have a career in Growth and how to succeed in your role.

What You'll Learn

  • What is Growth? 

  • What kinds of jobs are available in Growth and why is Growth becoming more and more important? 

  • What does it takes to excel at a career in Growth? 


5 Episodes

1. Overview of Careers in Growth


What is growth, and why is it so important and popular?What are the primary responsibilities of a career in growth?What are the common characteristics of someone who works in this field?What are the critical skills required to excel in growth?What is a typical day like?

2. Breaking In


How can I acquire the skills that are necessary to succeed in this field?How can I get an interview?How can I ace an interview?

3. Career Advancement


What does the org chart look like for this job? What are some of the common levels of advancement?What are the requirements, responsibilities and expectations for each level?What kind of person do I need to be to get promoted fast?

4. Future Proofing


How can I be sure to continue leveling up my most important skills?What related skills or abilities would be most useful and complementary in this career?Do you have a sense of what the future of this industry might look like, and how someone could best prepare for that future?

5. Case Study


A fascinating story from Holly’s personal history.

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