Learning to Lead

Awaken the boss in you

Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk

Host of The Learning Leader Show, leadership coach

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Host of popular podcast The Learning Leader Show and author of Welcome To Management, Forbes’s “best leadership book of 2020,” Ryan Hawk has interviewed hundreds of the world’s most influential leaders. In this course, he’s here to pass on the lessons he’s learned around earning respect, getting promoted, hiring top talent, and much more.

What You'll Learn

  • What it takes to become a stronger leader
  • The importance of always being open to learning
  • How to build a team with strong communication & culture


20 Episodes



1. Become a Learning Machine


Learn the first step to improving your leadership skills: becoming a constant consumer of knowledge.

2. Learn Your WHO


Identify your mentors, bosses, and coaches, and develop a reciprocal information exchange among peers and beyond.

3. Learn To Think


Increase your leadership ROI through the lens of the Eisenhower Matrix, learning to spend more time on the “deep work” that really matters.

4. Learn to Continue


Explore the importance of persistence in any leader’s journey, as overnight successes are never quite what they seem.

5. Be An Energy Giver


Consider the energy levels that different leadership styles give off, and how you can set the tone for your team.

6. The Elements of Respect


Dissect the different elements that can create or destroy a respectful environment, including the standards we set, our work ethics, the challenges we take, and more.

7. Productive Achievers


Discover the four qualities that can determine which leaders truly move the needle and bring about material progress.

8. How to Get Promoted


Develop the relationships, convey the attitude, and produce the output that simply can’t be ignored when it comes to professional advancement.

9. Get Out of the Office


Adopt an open-door policy with Hawk’s guidelines on becoming a manager who is present, accessible, and an integrated team member.

10. Self-Awareness


Find out how to develop an accurate perception of your own persona, both through internal validation and external feedback.

11. The Freedom of Humility


Embrace the practice of saying “I don’t know,” and expand your leadership skills by nurturing the abilities of those around you.

12. Communication


Hone your ability to distill information, capture its true essence, formulate a message, and effectively share it in a meaningful way.

13. You Get What You Create


Witness how one General used her military expertise and communication skills to inspire leadership and discipline in a young soldier.

14. How to Hire Superstars


Gain an understanding of what type of leadership it takes to hire, build, and manage a team with the right characteristics and values.

15. Build Your Culture


Help your team excel by fostering a positive, nourishing corporate environment where accountability and shared responsibility are paramount.

16. Managing the Team You Inherit


Find the balance between stability and change when it comes to transitioning into a leadership role with an unfamiliar team.

17. How and Why To Fire Someone


Get tips on how to properly prune the rose garden that is your team, delivering corrective feedback with care, and knowing when and how to terminate an employee.

18. The High Performer’s Paradox


Find out whether it’s actually in your best interest as a leader to train your employees so well that they may outgrow their current role or company.

19. The Power of Stories


Delve into the importance of persuasive oration and take control of the compelling narrative that is your professional journey.

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