Speaking With Impact

How to persuade & inspire

Les Brown

Les Brown

Motivational speaker & author

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Speaking with intent and power can mean the difference between achieving—or losing out on—your biggest goals in life. Together with motivational speaker and former Ohio House of Representatives legislator Les Brown, master the art of giving persuasive speeches, telling inspiring stories, and propelling people into action with the most powerful tool you have: your words.


What You'll Learn

  • How to give stronger speeches 
  • Ways to connect with an audience 
  • How to persuade and inspire 


7 Episodes



1. The Importance of Being an Impactful Speaker


Find out how delivering powerful speeches can create new opportunities, and why it’s a more important skill to master than ever before.

2. Deepening Your Relationship with Your Audience


Learn the best ways to build energy, establish credibility, and forge a connection between yourself and the audience.

3. Mastering Your Impact


Add value to your speeches when you cast aside your nerves, challenge your listeners, and turn your story into a true experience.

4. The Power of Story


Help your audience see themselves through your words, build real anticipation, and make strong points in subtle ways.

5. Creating Special Moments in Your Story


Get tips on how to draw people in with your voice, transport your audience, and really drive a story home.

6. The Anatomy of a Powerhouse Speech


Explore the various elements that can garner a captivated, committed listenership, and ensure longevity in your speaking career.

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