Stock Market Strategies

How to hit investment home runs

Charles Payne

Charles Payne

Fox Business Host of Making Money, CEO of Wall Street Strategies & Author

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Fox Business host and author Charles Payne reveals how anyone can beat the market by gaining knowledge, acting smarter and taking educated risks. You’ll discover how to research stocks, effectively manage risks and rewards and hit those investing home runs.

What You'll Learn



6 Episodes

1. Investing in Home Runs


Discover how to choose stocks that maximize returns

2. Common Investing Mistakes


Learn about investing mistakes that you should watch out for

3. Finding Opportunities in the Market


You can find hidden gems in the stock market if you know where to look

4. Learning Stocks


Use these techniques to educate yourself on stocks

5. Tech vs The Rest


Learn about the growing dominance of tech over the rest of the market

6. Politics & Wall Street


Gain insights into how politics can affect the market and your returns

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