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The Good Fight

Lessons on effective conflict

Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner

Bestselling author & journalist

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As a self-professed former wimp—as well as a bestselling author and award-winning journalist—Eric Weiner now knows what it takes to fight constructively and creatively. Enrich your life with conflict-resolution skills drawing on theories of philosophy, politics, psychology, and more. And in the end, you’ll never show up to a fight unprepared.

What You'll Learn

  • When to fight, and when to stand your ground
  • How to fight when you’re outgunned
  • How to be a good loser and a good winner 


9 Episodes



1. Why Fight?


Learn about the hidden cost of avoiding conflict, as well as the hidden benefits of conflict. Also, what conflict aversion is, and how to overcome it.

2. Who to Fight


Assess a conflict: Is it worth fighting over? Explore the difference between enemies and adversaries, and “know thyself.”

3. Developing Good Conflict Hygiene


Cultivate empathy, and practice trading places with your adversary. Learn about trust, and power traps.

4. Preparing for Battle


Make a pre-fight checklist. Learn how to assess “conflict ripeness,” and how to cultivate productive anger. Also, how and when to use humor to your advantage.

5. Developing a Strategy


Why strategy matters, and how to untangle the relationship between the “means” and the “ends” of your fights. Be sure that you are fighting fair.

6. How David Beats Goliath


Discover what asymmetrical warfare is and why less is more. Understand why David prevailed, and learn lessons from the dojo and the boxing ring.

7. The Surprising Power of Non-Violence


Find out why Gandhi was a badass, and hear a case study in Gandhian fighting. Also, the 3.5 percent rule, and how to use nonviolence to fight for political change.

8. After the Fighting


Understand how and why fights end, and how to have humility in victory, and honor in defeat. Lessons from South Africa in the principles of Truth and Reconciliation.

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