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I Apologize In Advance
48min2016 JAN 23
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Megan meets a super hot guy that is totally into her, but when she goes home with him, things devolve in a number of uncomfortable and unexpected ways, but he still manages to make it even worse on social media for months after.  Well done, guy! Katie and Aaron discuss the merits of pajama parties, housecoats, robes, and the trials and tribulations of focusing too much on the hardness of penises.

pajama party fetish
new robes
My Man Godfrey - 1936 classic film starting Carole Lombard
The Squishiness Department
Flaccidity, Boners, Tinkerbell and You
Poking, Prodding, Plumming, Snaking, Squishing
Whiskey Dick
Excessively attractive people and how bad they can be at sex
Niche/Target Market Dating Sites