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50min2019 JUN 17
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The Feconomy Brunch Club is a networking event where the conversation is female focused and the food and drink are sourced from female led businesses. The idea is to put money back into the pockets of females, whilst enjoying a really good meal.

This time it was vegetable week, and sticking with the colourful theme, we dyed the pao with turmeric, and created a stacked Indian street-food bonanza. This included a broccoli tikki, courgette pakoras, a bright pink beetroot raita, and Feconomy pink eggs. We topped this off with edible flowers, tamarind and mustard seed mayo, and Tara's homemade Bombay mix.

In attendance we had Gina Martin, a writer and activist, Ben Hurst, head of facilitation and training at the Good Lad Initiative, Kirsti Hadley, founder of the GRL PWR Gang, Sinead Fenton, farmer at Audacious Veg, and Tara Scott, communications manager at Moody Month.

This episode starts with us talking about sustainability in farming and fashion, before moving on to kindness as a currency. We ended up having such an epic discussion, that we've had to split this episode into 2 parts. Catch us on the next episode when we dig deeper into activism within the Feconomy, and end with an exploration of how we can include men in the conversation.

Food and drink supplied by:
Audacious Veg -
Bulk Market -
Girls Who Grind -
Beeble -
Teapigs -
Rebel Kitchen -

Gina Martin [@ginamartin]
Ben Hurst [@therealbenhurst]
Kirsti Hadley [@grlpwrgang]
Sinead Fenton [@audacious_veg]
Tara Scott [@tarastarlet]