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Tyler School of Art's Life After Tyler podcasts
118 min2020 JAN 14
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026: Sensory Structures: Embodied Experience of Public Spaces


  Co-facilitated by Seher Erdoğan Ford (Architecture).

Sensory perception is closely tied to individual memory-building and cultural conditioning; with this in mind, how can the sensory experience of space be considered when designing for and occupied by the general public? Further, how would the inclusion of embodied knowledge into the “objectivist” paradigm inflect your field of research? Does moving away from this dichotomy bring into focus something about the human experience or is it simply a distraction?No matter your discipline, if your work, research, practice or general interests are concerned with the sensorial attributes of a discipline, the affective experience of space, architecture as a register of memory and identity, etc., please join us for the conversation!