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The Breakthrough Year Podcast: Online Business, Blogging & Brand Strategy
33 min2018 AUG 22
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064 | How To Increase Cash Flow By Leveraging Corporate Sponsorship


Running a business is never a smooth and easy ride. Especially when you're just starting! It's tempting to give up when you think you're doing everything right yet you're barely staying afloat. It's a common struggle among small business owners; sometimes we just need a little push to get to that breakthrough we are searching for!

For most of us doing it solo, HOW to get that much-need push is the billion dollar question.

How do I keep going?

Where can I get that leverage to reach more people?

How can I make this big idea happen?

Now this may sound like a tall order, but what if I tell you, you can scale your business by leveraging corporate sponsorship? It’s something that can feel off-limits to small businesses but today I want to introduce you to this idea and hopefully show you the possibilities it offers!

In this episode, Shayna Rattler is coming on the show to talk about how she got back up from a small business breakdown by partnering with big companies and promoting a common cause. Her framework, which she will discuss in the interview, can help small business owners access the $22 BILLION pie that is not accessed by small businesses enough today!

With clients like Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols and other major influencers, Shayna's strategy might just be the push you need so make sure to tune in!

Oh! And grab her free book here - you just have to pay postage!