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The Breakthrough Year Podcast: Online Business, Blogging & Brand Strategy
54 min2018 AUG 29
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065 | How To Design And Sell Out Your Live Event In 7 Days


If you're an introvert like me, the idea of a networking event is enough to give you a few sleepless nights.

Let's admit it: how many times have we passed up an opportunity because social anxiety got the better of us? I don't want to remember!

It's a common struggle among introverted entrepreneurs, and today's guest, Taryn Vyhnalek is no stranger to it. But what's awesome - among many other things! - about Taryn is that she's not only overcome her fear of being around people, she actually made it an inspiration for her first live event that has sold out in just 7 days!! Taryn is actually a member of Brand It Society and when she announced the great news, I knew I had to get her on the show!

So in this episode, Taryn spills the tea on how she managed to build up the hype around Bush Bash Retreat using select channels. She will also give us a preview of this introvert-friendly networking event happening this October which can hopefully inspire yours.

This episode is a mindset masterclass so if you still have any doubts or hesitations about your big idea, tune in and let's dispel those together!