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The Breakthrough Year Podcast: Online Business, Blogging & Brand Strategy
49 min2018 SEP 12
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067 | Brand Development - Building Brand Awareness Both In And Out Of The Digital Space


Your brand is so much more than just a logo, a colour palette, your website. It's a personality, a set of feelings and emotions, a voice and a face we can recognise. That's why brand development is so much more than just choose your fonts!

A huge part of brand development is creating a sense of awareness around your brand and in a lot of ways that really comes down to visibility - both on and offline.

This week's special guest, Whitney Eckis, knows all about the importance of visibility when it comes to raising awareness around a brand and this is exactly what she did and continues to do for her businesses and for her clients too. She share what it takes to really step out from behind the brand and be the face. 

We explore what kinds of opportunities we should be looking for to create a strong brand image and even how to create our own! (Think events, interviews, PR). One of the things I like most about Whitney is that she doesn't just sit back and wait for it to happen! She creates her own opportunities and she shares in this week's episode how she brought together some massive influencers and hosted an event that completely changed her business.

We also share a few laughs in this episode about the challenges and insecurities that come with stepping out into the spotlight on your brand and what it really means to be the face. Sometimes there's bad days and definitely challenges, but Whitney explains how she deals with that!

So, if you're in the brand development phase (and really, is a brand ever fully developed? I don't think so...) and you want to learn more about how to elevate your brand and unlock your business' full potential, then you'll definitely want to tune in!