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The Breakthrough Year Podcast: Online Business, Blogging & Brand Strategy
58 min2018 SEP 19
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068 | Why You Need to Be the Face of Your Brand and How Podcasting is a Great Space To Do That


As an online business owner, you know the value of being visible for your brand. That might mean turning up on social media, being featured on blogs or in publications and sometimes even being on video or doing live streams. Being the face of your brand is vital to building brand awareness and authentic connections with your community but I know it’s sometimes easier said than done.


Perhaps you have been struggling to be the face of your brand because:

  • You don’t love being on camera, it’s uncomfortable for you.
  • You can’t commit to the process of being on camera regularly, doing your hair and makeup that regularly is too much additional work right now.
  • It’s just not a good fit for your lifestyle and you know that you’ll struggle with being consistent.


What if I told you that there’s another way to be the face of your brand that creates perhaps the most powerful of connections AND removes all those struggles right away!

Podcasting offers us a unique opportunity to get in front of our audience and build relationships with them. And not just our audience, but others in our industry too. It also offers us a new way of using social media as a companion of our podcasts to continue the conversation and build out the relationship further. There’s something magical in hearing a person’s voice - it creates a connection quicker than just seeing a stock photo on Instagram or a status update on Facebook. And podcasting opens up that possibility for us to create high-value content that really does double as a relationship builder!


In today’s episode, public relations and podcast management expert Monica Woodhams comes on the show to share exactly why you need to be the face of your brand and how podcasting can help you do that! She has over a decade of experience working with Tedx Speakers, entrepreneurs and influencers so she has seen first hand how powerful podcasting can be!