The Morning After STL
1h 43min2022 JUL 19
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Juan Soto, how do you do? Albert couldn’t vanquish the future Cardinal. It was honestly fun to watch. Iggy was happy to see Albert happy. Albert could be a tad prickly with the media back in the day, but that wasn’t indictive of his personality. Big Mac was somewhat similar. Iggy understands what it’s like to be bombarded by the media. Early days of internet cybering. Someone comes after Plowsy for his Tiger football takes. Iggy’s former mustache. Which one is Pepper and which one is Geenie? Favorite career moments was the topic de jour yesterday on P & G. Plowsy’s origin story. Recovering Alcoholic. Chris Naegel Monday qualified again for the 3M Open in Minnesota. This Naegel is hot, hot, hot. He’s got that instinct. Doug is the Jack W. Nicklaus of the DFS Showdown. Throw a little cash on Naegel. PGA Tour twitter account showing Naegel some love. Cam Smith’s up and down on 17 on Sunday. How is the hinge situation in Minneapolis? Iggy then spins a yarn about sleeping with a Viking cheerleader. Southerners and Northerners. Doug’s life in Miami. Where would you want to live in Florida? Tim will bring us stuff from MIA. How long does it take to get to Little Rock? Iggy’s tales of spring break. Prod Joe claims the Minnesota Vikings didn’t have cheerleaders until 1984. Now it’s getting uncomfortable. Trivia Night finna be a pony. St. Gabe’s Gymnasium. Now Iggy is being questioned about when he graduated high school. “It’s quite obvious someone is being lied too”. Larry Nickel joins us for the WWE Recap. Michael Wellington joins the presentation. Iggy’s academic career. Ken would take his financial aid and use it for spring break. Welly talks about the run of the Monday qualifiers Naegel is on. Welly claims the hinge situation in Tahoe was choice. “Gentleman” Doug Vaughn. Welly is looking forward to meeting a Nordic woman. Tim’s situation with a looper at Algonquin. Iggy claims to be fired as a caddy at Westborough. Michael talks about what it takes to compete at this level for Naegel.

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