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31min2022 APR 26
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There is such an important need for anti-diet, weight inclusive messaging to just be more mainstream. In doing so we can relearn to practice a healthier relationship with food and our body. In today’s episode, I’m joined by two wonderful registered dietitians, Hannah and Ali, who work in a specialized eating disorder treatment center in Vancouver, Canada. They’re also the co-hosts of an amazing podcast called the Let Us Eat Cake, which is dedicated to answering listeners’ questions about nutrition and ditching diets. During our conversation, Hannah and Ali share their reason for pursuing their careers and starting an anti-diet podcast. They speak on the pervasiveness of diet culture and how to practice permissive eating. In this episode, we cover: Hannah & Ali share more about their career paths and preparing clients to face a diet focused world [1:04] Where do food rules originate from? [4:35] Ways to practice unconditional permission to eat [12:32] Identifying types of food ru...

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