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One Thing Required with Will Lee
21 min2014 MAY 21
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1: Intro: To Be Successful, Do What Successful People Do


One Thing Required is a podcast celebrating entrepreneurship.  I interview entrepreneurs, authors and experts to learn as much as I can from them about starting and growing businesses.  My goal: To help my audience and me get out of our own way and launch successful businesses better and faster than if we tried to figure it all out on our own.

In this episode, meet me (Will Lee), your host.  I'll tell you a little about my business career and why I am qualified to interview entrepreneurs about how they started their businesses.  And I'll tell you a little about what I enjoy most in life.

Once you know me a little better, I will share why I am doing this podcast and what I hope to learn, with you, from our guests.  If you aren't inspired and educated by every show, if you don't feel more confident that you too can launch your own business, then I'm doing something wrong.  Tell me and I'll fix it!

Ultimately, this show is for you, my audience.  Let me know what you want to learn, and I will do my best to provide it.