Mind Meets Machine
4min2020 AUG 22
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In the original Star Trek, there was an ongoing tension/comedy routine between Bones, the starship Enterprise’s doctor who preferred to “go with his gut” in making medical decisions, and Spock, the highly logical half-Vulcan who subjected every decision to rigorous rational analysis. Bones was always frustrated by Spock’s cold, machinelike qualities. But he wasn’t always right.As machine learning becomes an increasingly powerful tool for problem solving and decision making, we need to do a better job keeping track of our own success and failure rates. In working with organizations, Andrew McAfee has observed that many fall short in “keeping score,” relying instead on reputation and past successes to decide who should be making which decisions.We often forget to tally the outcomes of employee judgments. How did that group do at predicting sales? Was that product actually a big success?Track the accuracy of human-based decisions to measure their success rates. This will help:re...