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One Thing Required with Will Lee
55 min2014 JUL 30
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10: Matt Giovanisci is Swimming in Profits While Making Himself Laugh


Matt Giovanisci spent his teenage years working in a pool store and learning all about swimming pool maintenance and care. He also rocked out in a band, made videos, and taught himself how to design and code websites. Then he got an idea: "Maybe I should create a website about pool care." Four years went by before a friend told him to get on with it already!

Matt finally built that website, www.SwimUniversity.com, but it went through a few iterations before he figured out his formula for success. The formula was ultimately pretty simple: Provide quality content, and make it entertaining!

Now this website earns him more than he was making full time in a corporate job at the pool company and he has spent NO TIME at all on the website so far in 2014...it is entirely passive income. He is now spending his time with a partner building a successful and highly entertaining website (www.ListenMoneyMatters.com) and daily podcast about personal finance.

In our interview, Matt talks about:

    • What he did wrong in building Swim University, and how he turned it around
    • How he monetizes Swim University, a website loaded with free helpful content
    • Why having fun is critically important in building a business
    • How he incorporates passions from his life into his business to make it better

Matt can be found through both websites at www.SwimUniversity.com or www.ListenMoneyMatters.com

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