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Rosanna frantically reached out to me in December 2021 after hearing me on the Manifestation Babe Podcast. She wanted help moving stagnant energy in her body. On our Interest Call I found out she was a lightworker ready to leave her 9-5 to become a Full-Time Healer! By January 2022 she was my private client. Within a few months of our work together, she had such incredible manifestations come through that I just had to have her come on the show as a guest and share. In February, Rosanna set a goal to manifest $5,000 of non-monetary abundance. Listen to find out what she actually called in! In March, she set a goal to manifest $5,000 cash and she EXCEEDED that goal (by thousands)! In this episode, Rosanna shares some of the spiritual practices that she uses as a lightworker and healer to address her own limiting beliefs and manifest her dreams. Rosanna refers to herself as a “lone wolf” and shares that she was hesitant about the value of group coaching before we started working together (my private container includes group coaching). Now she understands how important it is to surround herself around other lightworkers who share similar values and goals. Being in my group coaching container has improved the way that she thinks about what is possible for her in her business. She says, “If it’s possible for them, it’s got to be possible for me too!” P.S. Early Bird enrollment for Full-Time Healer is NOW OPEN! Hop on the waitlist here to get $1,000 off the price of the program + interest free payment plans until FRIDAY APRIL, 29th! Inside This Episode: 01:05 Why Rosanna reached out to Katie in the first place 03:56 Receiving support when starting a healing business that is grounded in energetics 05:02 Rosanna’s spiritual practice for engaging on Instagram 07:04 Getting really clear on who you want to serve so that you can show up with value on Instagram and other social media platforms 09:06 Why you should set a goal to manifest non-monetary abundance if you are feeling desperate to receive money 12:14 Unpacking all of your limiting beliefs around receiving 14:45 What manifested for Rosanna in March 16:49 Some of the spiritual practices that Rosanna uses to address limiting beliefs and manifest her dreams 20:27 Rosanna shares about one of her darkest shadows that she has worked through and how that shifted her mindset 24:40 Rosanna answers the question: “What are time techniques and how do you integrate that into your coaching?” 31:25 Releasing the pressure of reaching your goals and enjoying the journey 34:13 Rosanna’s take on group coaching with Katie J 38:03 How you can connect with Rosanna Resources: Learn more about Rosanna’s work and the services she offers https://rosannagill.com/about/ Connect with Rosanna on Instagram https://instagram.com/rosanna.e.gill Listen to Rosanna’s Podcasts: -Breaking Labels https://breakinglabelspodcast.com/ -Her Path to Purpose https://www.buzzsprout.com/1886812 Missed my last episode? Listen here: Manifesting Confidence and Cash Flow with My Client Riki Leona Brows https://www.womanifester.com/podcast/episode-99-riki-leona

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