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28 min2015 FEB 25
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103: How to Become Rich (Bitch!) - Nicole Lapin



What make the rich and help them set themselves apart from the pack?…


Financial expert and TV personality, Nicole Lapin, tells us all about that and more in this edition of YoPro Wealth.


Nicole just launched her book, Rich Bitch, and shares so many great financial lessons using language that you can understand and appreciate. You definitely do NOT want to miss this episode, where we discuss many things, including:


The Rich Bitch attitude and why it matters.

What the smartest people do that most don’t.

How to handle short-term wants vs. long-term needs.

The budget that doesn’t suck.

The core expenses that you need to know, and the VERY important questions you need to ask yourself.

Why "investing is just not that serious!"

And much, much more. 


Contact Nicole:

Rich Bitch book on Amazon



Action Item:

“I think a financial diet is a lot like a regular diet. If you allow yourself small indulgences, you won’t binge later on.” 

Find out those small things that will make you happy, and don’t cut them out. Make an impact on the big expenses that matter, and you’ll be MUCH better off - with your finances and your level of happiness. :)


Rich Bitch 

Austin Netzley