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34 min2015 MAR 4
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104: How to Tap Into Your Full Potential - Allon Khakshouri


How do you tap into your potential and get more out of life?

What is the difference between someone that is very good and someone that is great?

These are the questions that we get deep into today with #1 bestselling author, Allon Khakshouri.

Allon knows a lot about how to tap into your potential because he’s managed a number of top tennis players, including world number one, Novak Djokovic. He’s been interested in the science of success for a long time, and now often writes about the subject, combining his academic experience, extensive research, and of course real world application of the principles. 

The answers to these questions, you do not want to miss!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

The 14-steps that will make or break your success.

- Two studies that will teach you some key lessons about big results.

- The single most important factor that separates Novak Djokovic from other pros. 

- The key of any worth (important point here).

- Habits that turned it all around for Allon and others. 

- The ultimate currency to success.

- And much, much more!


Contact Allon:

How to Win at Life & Love



Action Items:

- "There’s only one action, and that is to take action.”

- “If you struggle at taking action, get a mentor. Get someone to hold you accountable."