The Life Body Business Impact with Fatima
--2019 JUL 16
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Dianne McCabe is an Irish Lass from a little fishing town in rural Ireland who went froma successful corporate life to experiencing a “spectacular mental breakdown”. Dianne picked up the pieces after her breakdown and decided something needed to drastically change in her life, the corporate world, the world of long hours and high expectations for a paycheck! Now she has used her experience to be a change catalyst in large organisations. In this episode we discuss: • The stress associated with corporate and work life and the “waves” of stressful times that are no longer waves but constant, the effects and how to tackle this from a personal and organisational perspective. •Her clients understand that to thrive in effective organizational change, they also need to thrive in personal change. • Dianne has a unique perspective - “positive inputs” and she talks to us about how to tap into the positive inputs in our lives. • Her firm belief for parents in the work force and corpor...

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