How to Do the Pot
19min2022 APR 19
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Today’s episode is all about the word “marijuana,” a term that many people might not realize is intertwined with a complicated, hurtful, and quite-frankly racist history. If you weren’t aware of the weight the word “marijuana” carries — you’re not alone, and this episode will help shed light on its convoluted past. Our series Weed Words is where each month we unpack a widely recognized but narrowly understood term or phrase related to cannabis. SHOW NOTES History of Marijuana, The Origins and the History of the Word Marijuana, The Pharmacopeia of USA in 1850, History of Cannabis, The Mysterious History of Marijuana, Reefer Madness Clip, NCSL Cannabis Overview Hosted by Ellen Lee Scanlon Sign up for our newsletter at Follow us: IG:@dothepot FB:@dothepot Pinterest:@dothepot LinkedIn:How to Do the Pot Twitter:@dothepot --- Send in a voice message:

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