Supernatural Confessions
1h 30min2022 APR 25
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47 hundred by Elle Becks (narrated by Allie) A haunted house that affects relationships, causing many families to split after staying in that unit. The funny thing is that this house attracts only one kind of demographic. Kor Kor by Vincent (narrated by Desmond) A family outing at a local chalet got cut short. The confessor only found out the real reason later on. Try explaining this paranormal encounter with rational thought if you can. Know Your Hantu - Wewe Gombel, scary looking, big breasts grandma folktales from Indonesia A day in the hospital by Nayla (narrated by Linda) Be careful who you talk to when visiting the hospital. You never know the stranger you just met with a special message for you could be the spirit of the recently deceased. Links: BUY US COFFEE! Full video, click here: Youtube/SupernaturalConfessions You can submit your confession here: Supernatural Confessions You can join our Facebook group here: SC Private Group, It...

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