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James Sturtevant Hacking Engagement
46 min2020 OCT 28
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142 Four Ways to Dramatically Improve your Next Zoom Call...Starring Bernard Johnson, Christian Manna and Emily Montgomery


The first time I was a participant in a Zoom call, I was so impressed. It felt so futuristic. I thought highly of it and was excited to do another.Covid however, like with many things we treasure, wiped out this euphoria. Zoom calls sprouted up everywhere. I grew to dread the dreaded Zoom call invitation. Here are some reasons why:They’re too many participants.They’re not engaging.They’re too long.Most are time and place bound.In this episode, I’ll offer a remedy to each of these problems. Here are four objectives that I follow in my engaging Zoom call quest:small intimate experienceshighly engaging preparation and discussion prompts30 minute call limitrecorded and made available to non-participantsI’d like to take each of these objectives and go into a bit more depth