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The NonProphet Podcast
67 minJAN 28
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# 153 — Quick Hit


Michael, Kegan and Mark take advantage of a free hour before FYF to talk about how to begin training after lockdown leads to being sedentary, aka the beauty of simply walking, and how the aerobic base built by doing so consistently can lead to other improvements. And then they veered toward the environment and our mistreatment of it — as a species that is a lot like a virus except we are killing the host. Michael's search for compostable packaging led to conversation about corporate entitlement, and capitalizing on the harvest of resources from public land ... and that led to some ideas about the parallels between religion and higher education, student loan forgiveness, and how intentional, organized default on credit cards used to pay for higher education could collapse a system that enriches itself with debt service and keeps employees obedient by leveraging that debt.