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211 minFEB 12
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# 155 — Charles Martel


Tyr, aka Charles Martel is the Director of Corporate Giving at Black Rifle Coffee Company, a veteran of both military and contracting work who joined us for a conversation about the current state of affairs in his world, our world, and the world. Tyr describes rushing the Third Precinct in Seattle to rescue stranded police personnel in the CHAZ/CHOP, and the natural trajectory of that incident which had been foreseen in literature like Lord Of The Flies, The Beach, Animal Farm, etc. We touched on so-called, inaccurately-defined fascism and the tendency for fascists to battle bad ideas with power — in an attempt to destroy their opponents — instead of communicating better ideas that lead to a more useful, and progressive position. More often than not, these power-dependent individuals are public servants who are actually self servants, and concerned with consolidating power rather than improving quality of life or increasing opportunity for those whom they have been elected to serve. We discussed the unacknowledged risk factors associated with deployed military service of sleep-deprivation, dietary problems, burn pits, RF energy and cancer risk, and how the government relies heavily on contractors because it's an "Easy Button" for them. Charles stated, "It is far more cost-effective to pay someone six figures to do a job for a few years than to invest millions in their (medical coverage and) retirement." And while Mother Jones is talking (ignorant, agenda-driven) shit about the company they are quietly helping veterans through a variety of mechanisms in a way that government and other organizations are unwilling or unable to do. For example, Tyr describes the emerging field of Magnetic Resonance Therapy as it relates to those suffering from TBI, among other conditions, and how BRCC will be installing a MRT clinic at their SLC location, allowing veterans access at no/low cost. Only listen to this wide-ranging conversation if you have an open mind, willing and able to engage with ideas you won't find being addressed by mainstream media and binary, either/or leaders and led. https://www.hunterseven.org/ https://coffeeordie.com/ https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/pages/about-us