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186 minMAR 4
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# 158 — Hillary Allen


Hillary Allen is an endurance athlete who holds a masters degree in neuroscience. She was the US Sky Running Ultra Champion in 2015, and finished third in the Ultra Sky Running World Series in 2016. In 2017 she was ranked first in the Sky Running World Series but during the Hamperokken Sky Race in Norway fell 150 feet down a cliff face, broke 14 bones and nearly died. After being rescued she underwent two surgeries in Norway and several more after being repatriated to the U.S. Despite being told she might never run again, Hillary dedicated her energy and time to rehabilitation and began racing and winning again just eleven months after the accident. During this conversation, which also includes Blair Speed, who first appeared on the podcast for Episode 154, we talk about running, education, disordered eating, body confidence, the importance of mentors, identity, injury, loss, the other bottom below rock bottom, riding out COVID lock downs in France, and the voice in her head that said, "This is it, Hillary, you're dying," right before impact.