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The NonProphet Podcast
93 minMAR 11
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# 159 — Slightly Obsessive


Trevor Thompson returns to talk with Michael and Mark about a variety of topics. The social commentary comes on thick and fast, especially when Trevor shouts, "You can make your own choices as long as you don’t disagree with me or my beliefs," quoting, well, a lot of those who would suppress your view simply because it isn't the same as theirs. This steered the conversation toward religion where Adam and Steve gave Divine Intervention a whole new meaning. Once we hit bottom and bounced, announced our new band, Buckskin Liberace, and talked about “righteous belief” as a perpetual energy system, we finally settled on something useful: how sleep and/or calorie deprivation affects decisions and behavior, then behavior in general. And sensitizing oneself to personal behavior and what influences it in order to develop a more predictable model of future behavior and then, to apply that to others in order to discriminate whether not they might be a good fit for our business. In the closing moments Michael asks, "What do you think your worst personality attribute is, what do you find most disagreeable about yourself?" This is a fine exercise for anyone and we all agreed it is “laziness” we most despise in our own selves … on the other hand we also concluded that the common thread binding us all together around NonProphet is being slightly obsessive.