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The NonProphet Podcast
161 minMAR 27
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# 161 — Raw And Real


Josh Goldstein, who first joined us for Episode 120 and came back again to discuss the Carnivore Diet in Episode 144, sat down with Michael and Mark to first talk about the meaning of words and their use. Per usual, various tangents ensue, to include eating a whole raw chicken, and a brief take on raw carnivore. Further along the trio explores the definition of "legalize" and "decriminalize", and the difference between something being legal vs. not being illegal. Again, per usual, they visit the topic of sex and pornography, specifically, the importance of communication before engaging in physical intimacy and sex, and the societal shame that prevents such communication. Finally, more serious conversation arrives and they talk about the COVID-19 vaccine variants, the why and why not, and exploiting the Krispy Kreme one-donut-a-day program for the vaccinated to bankrupt that shameless diabetes-provider. Michael calculates that, if you ate one KK donut a day from March 25th through the end of the year, it would total 72,000 calories and 5280 grams of sugar, which would make you more likely to manifest serious consequences should you contract COVID-19. And that's the state of our nation. Later, Michael left to train clients so Josh and Mark continued discussing societal influences on behavior, the social and psychological benefits of strict dietary manipulation, and its opposite. They addressed the importance of environment, and community, in-person social exchange, and the effect of the NonProphet project on those who participate, many of whom have emancipated themselves into new situations and greater opportunities. Strap in, it's a crazy ride.