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Yankee Crazy
59 min2020 MAY 7
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177 Rick Cerrone Interview! Former Senior Director of Media Relations for the Yankees!


We had the honor and privilege to interview the awesome Rick Cerrone, current Editor in Chief of Baseball Digest and former Senior Director of Media Relations for the New York Yankees from 1996 through 2006! Rick told so many amazing stories from his incredible sports background including how his career path to his dream job with the Yankees started in high school! He also told some great stories from his Yankee years and what he's up to now with Baseball Digest. We could've talked to Rick for days so we will definitely set up Part 2 very soon. Thanks to Rick for his time and everyone go check out the current issue of Baseball Digest, which for the first time in the 79-year history of Baseball Digest (1942-2020), a woman in a major-league uniform will appear on its cover. This historic event likely also marks the first time a woman in Baseball has been pictured in a major-league uniform on the cover of any nationally distributed magazine. And, actually, it’s two women—Alyssa Nakken (San Francisco Giants) and Rachel Balkovec (New York Yankees)—both of whom earned coaching positions with their respective organizations this year. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!


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