Succeed through Failure
2min2020 AUG 24
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Pixar Animation Studios, the company Steve Jobs acquired in 1986, has won more than 25 Academy Awards and made over $6.3 billion worldwide. The studio’s incredible run of success includes Toy Story 3, the highest-grossing animated film of all time. In fact, with the exception of Cars 2, every feature film Pixar has produced has been both a critical and commercial success, grossing on average $602 million, the highest in the industry. Talk about the Midas touch! With a track record like that, Pixar must be immune from making mistakes.Not true at all, points out the economist Tim Harford. It’s just that instead of preventing errors, Pixar is really good at fixing them quickly.Foster an environment in which mistakes can be revealed, exposed and corrected.Express criticism immediately, directly and with positive framing.Offer alternatives to drive improvement by building upon the current solution.