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One Thing Required with Will Lee
49 min2014 MAY 21
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2: Debra Angilletta Tells Her Five Cornerstones to Building a Great Business


When Debra Angilletta became a mother a few years ago, she chose to walk away from a great corporate career at a Wall Street firm.  No new job to go to, no entrepreneurial business already established.  She just quit, did some self assessment work, and then mapped out how she would build a home-based business that took advantage of her aptitudes and interests.  

Now, a few years later, she has a 6-figure income business (www.anewviewllc.com) and is working far less than before, all from the comfort of home.

In this interview:

  • Deb tells us that we know more than we think we know, and it's probably enough to start a business.  
  • She advises us to pick a niche and not try to sell to too broad of a market.  
  • She emphasizes why time management is so critical.  
  • She tells us that business is just a system, and that if we know how the system works, we too can build a successful business.
  • And she summarizes all of this by explaining her Five Cornerstones approach to building a company.