Mind Meets Machine
6min2020 AUG 22
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The “standard partnership” between mind and machine is terminology Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson use to describe the status quo in most companies, as of 2017. Machines are “essentially glorified spreadsheets”, as McAfee puts it. They store, sort, and send data. Humans are the “big brains” of most operations, looking for patterns and solutions in these data sets and sifting through ideas to find the good ones. The trouble is that even with training and experience, our intuition is flawed. So many forward-thinking companies are restructuring the partnership, finding better ways to use human intuition and machine thinking in conjunction.Rethink the balance between minds and machinesIn status quo organizations, machines are used for rote information processing. Human intuition, judgment, and experience are then applied on top. But human decision-making processes are too buggy and biased to let the status quo endure.When algorithms, data, and evidence work together to make be...