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17 minJAN 12
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2020 Wasn’t A Complete Dumpster Fire


Ok, it wasn’t ALL a dumpster fire. Some good things did come out of 2020! This week, Michelle and Ronald look back at 2020 and talk about the things they saw that were positive from the year!Got anything to add? We’d love to hear about it!Talked about on the episode:2020 - It Wasn’t All Badhttps://www.downloadyouthministry.com/p/2020---it-wasn%27t-all-bad/games-6045.htmlThe Life and Legacy of Allison Williamshttps://scholarship.downloadyouthministry.com/allison-williams/What did we love about 2020?1.Michelle Speaking at David Wood’s church!2.Brett Eddy speaking at Ronald’s retreat3.Online game nights were great! Google Doc Trivia night. Kahoot is a good tool.4.Ronald’s Youtube Lives were really fun5.Michelle and her husband celebrated 1 year! Yay! PS - Allison we love you.