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One Thing Required with Will Lee
44 min2014 MAY 30
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4: Allen Murabayashi Launched Two Successful Businesses: HotJobs and PhotoShelter


Allen Murabayashi, Chairman and Co-Founder of PhotoShelter, is a great example of what can happen when you take action and start building a business.

When Allen was fresh out of college, he joined a small staff of four software developers playing around with internet business ideas in the side office of a employment recruiting firm.  Those efforts became HotJobs, which Yahoo bought in 2002 for $445 million.

A few years later, Allen and a few friends got together for dinner and decided to start a company to help professional photographers showcase and sell their work.  That company is PhotoShelter.

With two big successes under his belt, Allen has a lot of great advice to offer to new entrepreneurs and to existing businesses.