Personal (R)evolution
41min2020 NOV 21
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If I had to pick just one episode from this podcast course that could change your life, it’s this one. Before you get down to business moving toward your ambitious goal,I want to help youget into an optimal goal-pursuing frame of mind. This chapter shares research in the growing field of happiness and gives you practical tools and exercises that you can practice today to become, well...happier!My hope is that with these tools, you'll be able to recognize the assets you already have, see possibilities you didn't see before. You'll see that the future you want can and will become reality.When you get happier, you'll become more creative. And creativity is a critical tool for doing this thing you want to do.Come on, (let's) get happy. And yes, that is a Partridge Family reference. Sing it with me now (singing does wonders for happiness).