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Is There Something In This? with Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield
37 min2019 APR 5
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#41: Spatula Party


NEW YORK LIVE PODCAST w/Mystery Special Guest:

April 9th @ Caveat, New York City: Special Mystery Guest Tix: http://bit.ly/ITSITApril9

Welcome back to another episode of Is There Something In This? with your old mates Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield.

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  • @TechDools
  • ScoMo's Borat impression
  • Dools is in Handsard
  • The 1st pyramid scheme
  • Outspoken entrepreneur Dick Smith has a helicopter
  • Billionaire Dogs
  • Momo doesn’t like mocha
  • Scotts gay porn name is Dicksmiths
  • Sent to the doghouse
  • You had me till ciao
  • Protracted spousal negotiations
  • When in Rome
  • Jerry’s Spatulas
  • Spatula party
  • Descartes scribbling a fire emoji
  • Voltaire haunting misattributed quoters
  • Balzac drank 50 cups of coffee
  • Karaoke injuries
  • Scotts life is a twitter joke that didn’t really land
  • Stay in your lane Nicholas Wiseman
  • Robocallers holding seminars
  • Be scammed in three easy steps
  • Punch-up with Isaac
  • Crudely drawn spaceship by Norman Rockwell
  • Keith Haring chalk outline
  • Famous artists as kids
  • Pablos shattered glasses

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